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new age devices

 I have the following New Age Electronic devices for sale:
 1-Dreamlight $685.00 OBO
 What is it? It sells for around $1200 (1199, latest catalog, members discount
 to 990) It is a computerized small, (about size of VHS video cassette) battery
 operated (or ac/dc adapter) unit with a special mask containing lights & sound
 which flash when a special sensor senses you are in REM (Rapid-eye-movement)
 sleep. This "state" has been found to indicate when the person is dreaming.
 (apparently we follow the action in the dream with our eyes). As the lights
 flash and are seen (as part of the dream, usually) the dreamer is supposed to
 (after programming himself mentally and maybe a few "tries") become aware that
 he is dreaming. This is known as becoming "lucid" while dreaming (having a
 Lucid dream). This has also been called being "awake" while being asleep. When
 this happens one can begin to develop a higher state of consciousnes, such as
 out-of-the-body experiences, astral travel, telepathy, clairvoyance. etc.
 This is not just a high-priced gadget. It was developed and produced by Dr.
 Stephen LaBerge after over 10 years of research into Lucid dreaming in his
 "Sleep Lab" at Stanford, California. It is fully programmable as to
 duration/frequency of flash/sound and intensity and number of times the sensor
 should work (so you can get enough sleep) as well as when it should "cut in".
 It even keeps record of nightly "score" of REM periods, etc. for 'tuning in".
 Has removable "software" (firmware) chip for any upgrades that are developed
 later. It even has a 26-pin expansion port for periferal equipment such as
 analyzers, computers, etc. Comes with complete Manual, mask, etc. ready to use.
 There is a newer, cheaper version out now, but it does not have all the
 adjustable features of this machine. This machine can be "customized" to fit
 YOUR sleep pattern in all the above mentioned variables. It is a research
 instrument very similar to the best used by Dr. LaBerge himself to discover
 many facts about this very unusual state of mind which is present in all of
 I'll also throw in his (LaBerge's) Hard Cover book (an $18.95 value)
 "Exploring th World of Lucid Dreaming".
 VRCR $1675.00 (Firm) Including S&H in continental U. S. of A.
 Jack Derby's Violet Ray Crystal Resonator.(Featured in The old
 Heritage Psychic Research Group Newsletter, Sept./Oct.,1991, P.9,
 in case you have back copies) The reason these machines are so expensive is
 because they contain a great variety of hand chosen, and in some cases rare,
 crystals, and the coil-windings and assembly are done completely by the
 hands of Jack Derby, the inventor.
 This is his most expensive Professional Model which sells new for
 around $3000.00. (and you might have to wait months while it is made)
 Has 2 Violet Ray Bulbs, 2 Crystal Wands, Brass Pyramid, Charging Plate
 for foods/liquids, Virus Disrupter (similar to the 21 day HIV device
 featured in UNUSUAL ALTERNATIVES, Jan/Feb, 1995) built in, and includes
 a Handsome Black & Chrome carrying case for the professional who wants
 portability. He has cheaper models, but not with all these features;
 some that were not mentioned in the 1991 article (ex. Golden Ray, Virus
 Disrupter, charging plate for liquids, etc). It is many machines in one.
 (ex. Chakra Charger, Radionics, Charging Plate, Higher Awareness &
 Meditational aids, Alpha to Delta States, World Healing, etc.)
 All instructions included.
 MC2  (Pronounced "MC squared") $50.00 OBO
 This is an electronic brain state inducer with lights that flash in a mask
 to induce the Alpha, Theta, and Delta States . There are 10 programs that
 use times of 15 to 75 minutes for the inductions, built into a hand sized
 button panel box; battery operated. Your Audio Cassette Player can be input
 to add sounds (music, hypnosis, affirmations, etc.) Manual and earphones