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              Kossor Education Newsletter.....Volume 1 Number 10
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        HIDDEN AGENDAS in Outcome Based Education (OBE) reform
 1.  Change the curriculum and the assessments at the same time.
     New assessment methods can "make the data" necessary to prove
     that the new curriculum works.  By abandoning grades and
     objective tests and using "portfolios" and other faddish,
     subjective and poorly researched methods of "performance
     assessment" to measure student progress, educational
     bureaucrats can assure themselves continuous employment and
 2.  Make education entertaining at all costs.  Lack of concern for
     quality in penmanship, spelling and grammar produces conflict
     between conscientious parents and their children.  Parents who
     advocate higher quality standards become viewed as hostile,
     hypercritical, negative influences.  Teachers who accept
     mediocre or poor performance in penmanship, spelling and
     grammar become viewed as the advocates and supporters of
     children. Traditional roles of parents and teachers are being
     reversed -- to the absolute detriment of parents and children.
     It has been shown (Hayes & Wolfer, Cornell University, 1993)
     that public school reading assignments have been "simplified"
     every year since 1947. We know that SAT scores and real
     achievement have declined drastically. The extent of the
     decline is actually much worse than one might guess, because
     the effect of simplification is cumulative -- every time the
     SAT is re-normed, it ALSO is made simpler, to adjust to the
     lower reading ability of the normative sample.  This means that
     a person who scores 500 on a 1993 SAT would probably score
     much lower on an older version of the SAT!  We've known
     that the quality of education has been declining, but we've all
     been deceived about HOW MUCH.
 3.  Help children to see their teachers in a favorable light, no
     matter what. Increasing numbers of teachers are striving to be
     seen by their students as open, accepting and tolerant, purely
     as a means of survival in the increasingly violent world of the
     public school.  Teachers who retain high standards may expose
     themselves to more threats of violence from students, but more
     often, they are the target of administrative disciplinary
     action as well, for failing to implement OBE reforms and for
     failing to lower academic standards to accommodate
     lower-functioning students.
     Teacher endorsements of reading matter depicting parents as
     cruel, evil or incompetent influences creates subtle but