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Figures for $4.00 plus S&H

      I am currently reducing my toy collection.  As a result, I have the
 follwing figs I would like to offer for trade or sale.  The stuff I have
 is as follows:
     Spawn, Violator w/ chromium card, Medieval Spawn on the "J-Hook"
      Overtkill, Tremor, Clown, HH Spawn (both packages), Chapel, Badrock,
 Commando Spawn (both weapons), Gold Spawn #18030, Violator II, Redeemer,
 Cosmic Angela, Spawn II, Shadowhawk, Exo-Skeleton Spawn, She-Spawn, Clown
 II, Future Spawn (both versions)
      Grifter, Zealot, Zealot in body armor, Void, Voodoo
      Attack Pilot Horus, Palace Guard Horus, Ra, Anubis
 GI Joe:
      Effects, Ozone, Countdown, Lobotomaxx, Carcass, Predacon
 Skeleton Warriors:
      Shriek, Lightstar, Ursak, Grimskull
 All the above are $4 each or we can set up a trade for any of the stuff I
 have listed below.  That's it for now.  I do have more stuff I will
 include in a future post.  For trades,I'm looking for Tick stuff, Aargh!
 Real Monsters stuff, Star Wars stuff, and Star Trek stuff.  If you're
 interested, drop me a line.  I will accept checks or money orders if you
 decide to buy rather than trade.  Thanks!