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Re: we go at each other like blank ettes

 	My interpretation of "blank ettes" was "girls who show no 
 emotions". Or something like that. I took "blanket friends" to mean close 
 friends, BTW. Anyone else with a take?
 	Oh, and John, you're not stupid. Try inquisitive. Higgles! ;)
 :) Erik
 Norfolk VA, USA
 "I need some voodoo on these prunes"  -- Tori Amos
 "No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering."  -- Pinhead in 
 "just when I thought that I'd discovered the joy of loving one so 
 	completely, that lonely sinking feeling creeps up on me"
 	-- Cowboy Junkies
 On 28 Jun 1996, JPowers600 wrote:
 > here's what i have been wondering.  the blankets - blank ettes deal in
 > "bells for her."  what is she trying to say?  does anybody have an opinion
 > on the pun intended there.  i don't know, maybe i'm just stupid.