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Re: Unplugged - did you see it?! :)

 Timothy Inners wrote:
 > 1)  TOO DAMN SHORT!!  (Then again, this IS Empty Vee we're talking about.
 > Need airtime for all those commercials. . .)
 > 2)  Announcing all the songs underneath as a subtitle.  When did this shit
 > start?  Sorry, been away from MTV for a long time, the last Unplugged concert
 > I saw in its entirety being REM in 1992.  I found it most annoying.
 > However, the rest of the show rocked. =)
 > --Tim (the Enchanter)
 Well, you're right about the commercials for sure!  They've been doing 
 the "subtitles" for a while now, and personnally, i like it.  I'm sure 
 the people who don't really follow tori apprciate it as well.  Am I the 
 only one that noticed that ITSOHV was simply title "Voodoo"?  Did they 
 do this with other songs that I missed?