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 AUCTION UPDATE 6/28/96  12:00 PM
 I've decided to have an aution for my INWO cards. The cards are limited 
 and unlimited edition.  Following this list is my list of Assassins edition 
 cards and then the German expansion.  If you want to know which edition a 
 card is just email me and I'll get back to you. All cards are in M/NM
 condition.  A (G) next to a card denotes that I have a German edition of 
 this card as well. Following the Assassins expansion list is a list fo 
 the unique German cards available.
 Here are the auction rules.
 1. 0.25 is the minimum bid for a card.
 2. I've decided that since the card lists are so long that I will not 
 have one closing date for the auction. What I will do is if your bid
 stands for 7 days and you are not over bid then the card is yours. I will 
 end the auction when enough cards have been purchased, but I will give 
 some advance notice of its ending date.
 3.  I will update this list daily so people will know if they have been 
 out bid or not.
 4.  All bids must be in US funds, and payment once the auction ends must be 
 in US funds. Payment should be either a check or money order.  
 Shipping will be $1.00 within in the US and $2.00 anywhere else.
 5.  Bids must be rounded to the nearest 0.25, the same goes for over bidding 
 on a card.
 6. I reserve the right to pull any cards out of the auction, but I will 
 notify any persons who may have bids on that card.
 	That should do it. Thanks for reading this and have fun.
 -Steven Cole
 email address: 
    * 1-18 1/2-Minute Gap, R (plot)	0.50 kinney
    *  1-A.M.A., U (group)(G)
    *  2-Agent in Place, C (plot)	
    *  2-Al Gore, C (group)
    *  2-Albino Alligators, C (plot)
    *  1-Alternate Goals, C (plot)(G)
    *  2-American Autoduel Association, C (group)
    *  3-And STAY Dead!, C (plot)
    *  1-Angel's Feather, C (res.)
    *  3-Anti-Nuclear Activists C (group)	#1  0.25 verrijk
    *  1-Antiwar Activists R (group)		
    *  1-Are We Having Fun Yet? C (plot)
    *  1-Assertiveness Training C (plot)
    *  2-Atomic Monster C (disaster)
    *  1-The Auditor from Hell C (plot)
    *  1-B.A.T.F. U (group)
    *  1-Backlash C (plot)
    *  1-Bank Merger U (plot)
    *  1-Bank of England R (group)	0.25 schultz
    *  4-Benefit Concert C (plot)
    *  1-Big Media C (group)(G)
    *  2-The Big Score C (plot)(G)
    *  1-The Big Sellout R (plot)	0.25 schultz
    *  2-Bigfoot C (res.)(G)
    *  2-Bill Clinton C (group)
    *  1-Bimbo at Eleven C (plot)(G)
    *  1-Bjorne C (group)
    *  1-Black Activists C (group)
    *  1-Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat, C (plot)
    *  2-Book of Kells U (res.)(G)		#1  0.25 verrijk