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HEY LOOK! The Big Trading Post Nutty Update! New Items!

 	Hey folks!
 	First, while I'm thinking about it- My sincerest apologies to
 any annoyed by my updated reposts of this every few days, but I get
 more great trades with great folks everyday! Not that I have recieved
 any complaints, but the thought crossed my mind...
                 Yo! ! Here's the very latest update to the Trading
 Post. Thanks to all the nice folks who have Traded with me! I'm having
 a ball trading. It's great to have a place where we can talk about our
 favorite lines, and trade like madmen... I think I'm keeping USPS in
  Let me state  as usual, that I would MUCH RATHER trade than 
 sell on most all items. I love to recieving stuff in the mail- I get a
 charge out of that! The fist section is what I have to trade, the
 second is things that I want. Sorry it's a long read, but for all
 concerned, I figure it best to be specific.All carded items are NM (or
 pretty darn close to it)unless otherwise specified.There may be a
 slightly bent corner here and there. I have not placed any prices on
 these items, because I'm not in the mood for a flame war- If you see
 something you want, and don't have anything to trade me for it, feel
 free to make me an offer. Chances are if it's not insulting, I'll be
 glad to sell it to you, if a trade offer hasn't already been made. And
 as always, please, NO WAGERING!  heh heh...
 another one of those "before I get started"s... I have this year's #3
 Ferrari 250 TH Hotwheels car I'll trade for any Treasure Hunt car that
 I do not have. Let me know...Car is MOMC
 ***********WHAT I HAVE TO TRADE/SELL:********************************
 G.I Joe Adventure Team Sea Adventurer (reddish fuzz beard, hair)
 complete as far as I know: A.T. dogtag, A.T. logo sticker on shirt,
 shoulder holster with pistol, light blue shirt, dark blue pants, black
 boots. Even still has "removal of boots" instructions. Hard hands.
 Box is in fine condition ( I don't know what you could call it on the
 "c" system- C7 maybe?) Anyway, box is not mint, it has signs of wear
 at the corners, but it is in nice condition, and looks nice) I paid
 250 dollars for him 4 years ago, I'll take in the neighborhood of 200
 dollars in trade/ 175 dollars cash plus 5 to ship for him.
                    TRADE PENDING!
 G.I. Joe Hall of Fame 
            Joe Colton Send-away mint
            Arctic Assault Joe Colton Send-away mint
         Supergirl (mint, shoes missing. Has box in vg   
            condition) entertaining offers, not sure I want to
            get rid of her, due to scarcity.
 Loose G.I Joes from recent years -twelve inch
             (I can't guarantee completeness because I'm not sure who
             owned what! All dolls are crisp mint, were only displayed,
             never "played with". Should be close to complete, all have
             been stored in bags to keep stuff separate.
             Street Fighter Blanka
             Full dress uniform Gung-Ho (Gold Sword)
             Street Fighter Ryu
             Duke in Space Suit
             Major Bludd 
                      ***If you trade for or buy all of the 12 inch
                         Joes, I will throw in extra accessory
        10 inch loose Marvel ToyBiz figures