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Re: Max Kennedy the Liar [was Re: LSD, Myths and Clinton's spiritual advisor] (Paul H. Henry) wrote:
 >You are a liar. She did not "believe" she was talking to dead people. Bob
 >Woodward himself denounces the way liars like you have misrepresented his
 Jean Houston specializes in trance states, and bills herself at her mystery
 school as Shaman.  Find one example when she has ever been into role playing.
 That's not what she is into.
 Hillary Clinton had someone else tape record her conversations.  That's pretty
 standard for people when they go under trance, because they aren't aware of what
 is going on.
 >> As far as "all Mrs. Clinton" is being accused of
 >> goes,  I suppose you mean the mainstream media?  So?  
 >Considering that Bob Woodward is the only source for any of this, and he
 >hasn't made the accusations to which you refer, it's all just baseless
 >speculation and hate-mongering on your part.
 Really?  Geeze, what about all those sources I posted.  Can you do your own
 research?  Come up with your own conclusions?  THINK?
 >> The mainstream media isn't
 >> mentioning all this LSD research, or any of the other bizarre stuff either.
 >Yeah, whatever. Tell me about the black helicopters again.
 Not believing it won't make it go away.  Now, at her mystery school, I DO
 believe she teaches people that believing will make things happen, so enjoy.
 Take some LSD while you're there.  Ask for a sex ritual.  Enjoy yourself.
 >> And no, I don't believe the roleplaying bit.
 >No, of course you don't. You only believe the things you WANT to believe.
 I have reason to believe everything I said.  You pissed me off enough that I'm
 going to append my original post to this message.  She's not a roleplayer, she's
 a witchdoctor.  I particular like article #4 appended below, by a Michagan House
 Republican Representive praising her for her Shaman abilities.  It's like
 something out of the Twilight Zone!
 Max Kennedy
          Some random words on Jean Houston
                 The Clinton's "spiritual" advisor:
 She was payed by the government to research LSD in the 60s, discovered
 there was 4 levels of mental functioning while on LSD, including one
 involving myths, and the next involving integration of the same and "religious"
 experience.  She proceeded to get very interested in myths, and myth
 creation, which eventually lead to her interest in religions, and the founding
 of her mystery school.  Later she would go on to work with Hillary and Bill
 Clinton in the whitehouse, although she denies she used hypnotism or LSD
 on them.
      The rumors that the CIA sponsered the LSD research in the
      60s, manafactured the LSD researchers used, discovered that  myths
      and settings (focus) was most useful under LSD to change (brainwash)
      a person, and continued the research into religion*1 , which intergrats the
      two in the most useful way, in the 70s, such as Jonestown.. are all a myth.
      Of course.
 Which may be why Jean Houston's autobiography is called: A mythic life.
 While it has nothing to do with the above, it would be a pretty good play
 on the word myth as used in the intelligence community.
 *1 (note: Just as the Nazis discovered the use of the occult.)
 Note1: Hillary Clinton apparently believed she was communing with a dead person,
 and was tape recorded doing so.  What is the difference between a delusion
 and brainwashing when someone is directing your delusion?
 Note2: This is a complicated story to be sure.  This is just a brief sketch
 so I don't keep anyone dangling.  Interesting in itself.