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No Subject (Mike-Oh) wrote:
 >                I DIED ON THE TITANIC
 >			by
 >New non-fiction
 >Publication: Summer 1996
 >ISBN 0 907768 86 5
 >Journalist Monica O'Hara had a lifelong terror of still, dark water.
 >To rid her phobia she asked her husband, the internationally renowned
 >hypnotherapist Joe Keeton, to see if regression could determine, and
 >possibly eliminate, the cause. It did both. Nothing in Monica's
 >present life accounted for her irrational fear, so she was led back
 >through her birth and further. The results have confounded historians
 >and reincarnationists alike. Under hypnosis, Monica was questioned
 >extensively by British and American Titanic experts, with remarkable
 >results. She provided an authentic picture of life aboard the stricken
 >vessel... and elsewhere.
 >The pre-birth regression took her to the Irish location of the tragic
 >liner's final port of call (a place never visited in this life yet
 >with which her 'alter ego' was intimately acquainted). the character
 >whose life she recalled was making a last-ditch attempt to elope with
 >a man whose identity is not revealed until the closing chapters of her
 >Monica's astonishing story is the culmination of six years' research
 >and provides what many believe to be proof of life after death.
 >Roy Stemman, editor of the magazine Reincarnation International,
 >describes the book as a story about human love and emotion; of
 >passion, obstinacy and fickleness, pieced together like a riveting
 >detective story.
 >He concludes: 'I am convinced that it is only a matter of time before
 >the weight of testimony such as Monica O'Hara's will persuade people
 >at large that there is another dimension to the existence we lead and
 >a purpose to our lives.'
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 Doesn't it seem like reincarnation stories are always about someone who had a really 
 interesting past life, like this woman making a "last ditch effort" to elope with a 
 man?  No one is ever a reincarnated plumber from Cleveland who died of unchecked