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Re: Feelings... was(Re: rape questions)

In article <paynerEAC383.7EB@netcom.com>, Rich Payne <payner@netcom.com> wrote:
>Daniel B. Holzman (holzman@xochi.tezcat.com) wrote:
>: In article <paynerEAAs56.L8H@netcom.com>, Rich Payne <payner@netcom.com> wrote:
>: >
>: <much snipped>
>About 90% in fact.

I was getting to the stuff I wanted to bring up, and not wanting to make
everyone wade through the rest of it -- they already saw it. :)

>: >: >Female response: you are wrong
>: >: >                 stop whining
>: >: >                 you just miss male privelage
>: >: >                 you need to get laid
>: >: >                 no women would ever have sex with slime like you
>: >: >                 does your mommy know you are playing with the computer
>: >
>: >: Hm. I've never said anything like any of these things. Never even
>: >: considered it.
>: >
>: >I guess I must've made them up then.
>: Do you suppose it's possible that her denying that she has said or
>: considered saying those things does not mean that she is denying that
>: someone else said them?
>I hardly see how refusal to acknowledge can be equated to acknowledgement.
>This seems to be the new way feminists handle issues BTW, I'm not sure
>if it is better than deletion or summary dismissal or not.

It's a mismatch of scope, perhaps.  You seem to be talking about the sum
total responses you've received from any female anywhere, and she seems
to be talking about the responses she herself has given you, which is all
the responses she probably feels responsible for.

But it really doesn't look to me like she said that no one ever said
those things to you, or that you were making them up.

>: >: I wanted to make sure I didn't snip this one, because this is the
>: >: first time I have seen you refer to J in talk.rape; I've heard a
>: >: couple of other references from other people, 
>: >
>: >Yeah, Daniel Holtzman seems to have a thang for J. But then, he is
>: >into BSDM....  :^}
>: Thanks, but no thanks -- I've an allergy to raving psychohosebeasts.
>Hey, it took 10+ years, and if you met her you would not believe
>that she is capable of violence.

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