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Re: Rebuttal to Phelan's attack on the Sciambra memo

Steve Timko (stevetimko@worldnet.att.net) wrote:
: I'm reading American Grotesque (just now getting into the defense's case) 
: and one part of the book has stuck with me. I've never believed that Clay 
: Shaw had anything to do with Kennedy's assassination. But I've read the 
: attack by James Phelan, the Saturday Evening Post writer, on Moo 
: Sciambra's memo of his meeting with Perry Russo and the failure to 
: mention the assassination plot (the president of the US, fer chrissakes). 

AMERICAN GROTESQUE is a good book.  But some pieces of the puzzle are now
available that were not available to Kirkwood -- and make Garrison's case
look even worse.

Check out:


You can see, in documents posted here, the development of Russo's story
from his first statements picked up by the Baton Rouge papers, through the
Sciambra Memo, and through a statement made at Mercy Hospital under "truth

The hypnosis sessions that Kirkwood talks about are the next step. 

But you did ask for the other side.  OK, check out Jim DiEugenio's book
DESTINY BETRAYED.  And the web site run by DiEugenio's girlfriend Lisa



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