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[06-01-93] The UFO abduction phenomenon

Each of us who work in the area of consciousness evolution seems
to have a limit. Some people say "well, that parapsychology stuff
is okay, but astrology, no, I can't buy into that." Or other
people will say, "Well, I can even take astrology and
parapsychology, but the UFO [Unidentified Flying Object]
abduction stuff--that's too far out. I can't accept that." And
that was my experience as well, as I will explain. 

One of the things one has to do working in this field is to
disimpact certain of our words. Language is for making
categories, and the categories we have do not work very well
here. People ask me, for example, is that really true, or, did
this literally happen to people? Is it real? But real and happen
are the kinds of words that have to be looked at again from
another point of view--or inside and outside. Is this something
in the external world or something in the internal world? Again,
those categories do not hold. 

What I will do is to tell first of my own experience, how I got
into this area, then give a bit of the history of the field,
touching the high spots of this huge subject. Then I will present
some of the phenomenology, assuming that a number of you are not
that familiar with the abduction phenomenon itself. I will speak
about who the abductees are, how I use nonordinary states of
consciousness in my own work, will say a little about the
physical evidence, what effect being abducted has on the
abductees, and, finally, how I have put together the meaning of
this phenomenon. 

I refer you to four books for those of you who would like to
explore this subject further. One is by Ken Ring, who is with us
in Prague. It is called The Omega Project. Another is by Keith
Thompson, called Angels and Aliens. Budd Hopkins's book
Intruders, published in 1987, is a classic in this field.
Finally, I recommend David Jacobs's very recently published book,
Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions. 

My experience with the abduction phenomena is fairly recent. In
1989, Stan [Grof] gave me a paper by Keith Thompson, which was
being prepared for a book Stan and Christina were editing on
spiritual emergencies. Thompson's chapter contained a Jungian
interpretation of the UFO phenomenon, but I kept asking myself as
I read the chapter, yes, but what are the data? What is this
about? What is really going on here? Late that fall, a friend,
who was a member of my holotropic breathwork class, asked me if I
wanted to meet Budd Hopkins, and I said, "Who's Budd Hopkins?" He
is, of course, a pioneer in this field. One day in January 1990,
I had some time in New York. It was one of those dates that you
tend to remember exactly, when something shifts in your life.
January 10th. What was so powerful for me when Budd told me about

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