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Re: [PA] Pirifor//To Dr. Gorby or Dr. Mike Or Any DR>>>>PLEASE

Well Dr. Gorby,
Your changing the name of the thread to protect the innocent didn't
work!! I caught you guys.! Anyway is somebody not innocent around here??
*smile* Uh Anyway,  Could I be right in assuming that a doctor would
need maybe lots more documentation in my chart then just month after
month of refilling my meds. We call it a monthly checkup but....
And I have been going to an orthopoed to see if anything new could be
done well, crap I never even told you my 'story'. Maybe you heard from
other posts, anyway, I m a congenital scoliosiser and at age 10-11 had
spinal fusion, harrington rod placement, bone graft, some other nuts and
bolts. Anyway back then they didn't fuse the last two vertebrae, hensse
they've been carrying me around the last 20 years and discs are gone.
But so are my cervical discs.. So I'm diagnosed with DJD, DDD, spinal
stenosis, flatback syndrome, and oh I don't know, on and on the
myopathies and other related symptoms.
Anyway I'm in some big pain most all the time. No not most..... Really
all the time. My doctor has had me on Darvocette,  really that was it
for the back for years. I did start with Valium several years before it
became a severe problem because of anxiety attacks and the mild
backaches I had then, the valium worked very well to relax those
muscles. I knew I had to keep them strong, so I've always done abdominal
exercises, low back stretching exercises, meditation, self hypnosis,
ice, heat, hot baths, chiropractor who was blamed by my other docs for
possibly dislodging the lower hook of the harrington rod and causing
worse pain. But that's never been proven and I don't hold him
responsible because I knew the risks of going to a chiropractor with
this rod but I couldn't let one chance go.
They want to do surgery to remove the rod and finish the fusions.
Nevermind about the cervical discs, which are bugging the he** outta me
and getting worse all the time. I couldn't figure out why they would
want to do all this and then I'm told (well I know the risks) I could be
paralyzed, or die or whatever with the surgery. But am told I won't be
out of any pain or maybe a little. but I would have to stay on the same
pain medications. So why do it? I began to believe it was so my primary
could have the documentation and not have to worry for another few years
about giving me the pain meds. Since I've thought of that, I realize the
orthopoedic surgeon practically 'TOLD' my husband and I that but we
weren't listening. We were trying to hear the 'we will fix you and
you'll be out of pain (at least some!!) part, that we never really
heard' or rather forced it out of him that I may be out of 'some' pain.
Do you think I'm right? Should I have surgery anyway? What are our
thoughts...????????????Please>?????????Dr. Mike? Dr. Skaredoff? Any
thoughts on this.???

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