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Re: The Aspiring Whorish Queen of Babylon

 - Out of me and you, WHO seems more likely to be possessed
 - by a 'foul mouthed demon'?  Go use your filthy language to your
 - mother, Fit, and see what she tells you.

   Regardless, you R. Sins Butt are a demon still.  Let's tackle that
   issue and have some fun the demons that possess your body.

   You have equated christianity into the form of a messiah dove, 
   and you with your voodoo which is the serpent adoration -
   but here is the deceit that you weave: The Queen 'Mother' 
   Babylon, is the real origins of the dove, for it was her attribute 
   that the Romans (Voodoo & Santeria, etc. Names Roman 
   Catholic) took and embraced, and the continuation of Babylonian 
   goddess image worship, the continuation with completely 
   unscriptural powers given to Mary, the idolatry, and the eclipsing 
   of the belief and power of Jesus Christ himself.....only as a babe 
   in arms or on the cross....the Roman Church with Chaldean 
   origins.....just as Babylon's Nimrod appeared, the babe image 
   and in death, and his ghost inhabiting Semirames his wife, for 
   that is the adoration of the Queen Mother of Babylon.  

   Possessions, all promotions of divinations, all from Chaldean 
   origins Egypt and all of Africa, just like the rest of the world.  
   Assumed New and Old World, with a common Chaldean religious 
   belief with different/same names.

   The free enjoyment of carnal sex was a prime ingredient of worship
   in the Mystery religion of Babylon and the Mystery Cults of Rome,
   Greece, and Egypt, etc.  Initiates celebrated the sex act with the
   temple prostitutes.  Semiramis, the Queen Mother of Babylon,
   "Queen of Heaven", led a licentious life and gave birth to many 
   illegitimate children.  Yet, the people grew to worship her as the
   "Holy Virgin"

   It has been the goal of the Mystery Religions (Voodoo, etc.)
   through the eons of time for man and woman to become "one"
   with the Goddess - to allow "her" to fully take over the mind and
   the body.  The Mystery religions of Babylon and their successors
   taught this as the 'secret initiation'.   Today in New Age and of
   Voodoo, etc., we see the rebirth of this hideous ancient, yet 
   perennial, doctrine. 

   R. Sins Butt you are possessed by not ancestors but by demons.
   We all respect our ancestors, but the allowed spirits that inahabit 
   your body are not ancestors but are masquerading spirits, in order
   to gain entry into your body and have now unlimited access.

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