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A yo mama joke...The Farmer

This middle-aged couple, tired of the constant city rat race and of all
the stresses it brings, decide to quit and with their savings, buy a
small hobby farmlet in the peaceful countryside.   Far away from the
maddening crowd.
Unfortunately, neither know anything what-so-ever about farming. The
first morning the man is awoken by the cows bellowing in their shed, and
after consulting the manual, he decides that the cows need milking. 
Going into the shed, he sets up like he has seen young milkmaids in the
Bucket under the rear end, hands on the dangly things, three legged stool
that he found in the cupboard - the works. 
Just as he gets started on the tugging, the cow  steps out with its right
hoof and knocks over the pail.
"Right, you bugger,  this will fix you." and ties a rope from the hoof to
a ring bolt in the wall opposite.   Carries on milking.  The cow suddenly
lashes out with its left hoof and knocks the bucket over again. "You sod,
I'll fix you "  and ties a rope to its left leg to another ring bolt on

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