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Re: [PA] Paging Dr. Mike

Dear Painliners,
Here's some info I was sending to another painline member and maybe it'll be of interest to others here.  Found a doctor on the internet that I was emailing about RSD.  His name is David Flemming.  He's one of the founders of the
Pain Institute of Chicago which was started in 1994 as a center for treatment
and research into chronic pain.  The Center has a web page I haven't visited
yet but the address is http://medhlp.netusa.net/www/piic.htm.

They also have a newsletter, "The Release," that has some good articles in it--
examples, "Relaxation and Health", "Outcome, Cost and Duration of
Treatment (of RSD)".  I think subscriptions to it are free but don't quote me on
that.  Dr. Flemming just sent me a few samples.  One of the issues had an
article (or ad?) about therapeutic audiotapes put out by The Center for
Integrated Therapy (old name of The Pain Institute...) and recorded by a
Dr. Michael Gainer who does work on the use of guided imagery and self-
hypnosis for the control of RSD, Fibromyalgia and other syndromes.
They have two different tapes--one for RSD; the other for Fibromyalgia.
Cost is $16.00 each plus $2.50 s/h.  Kind of expensive but if it works....
To order a tape, call their toll free order line at 1-800-7NO PAIN.  Translated,
that's 1-800-766-7246.  I never ordered one so can't give you an opinion,
good or bad.

The Center's address is 325 West Huron Street, Ste. 220, Chicago, 60610;
phone 312/266-9797; fax 312/266-9001.

Hope this helps some body.


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