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Marketing & Technology: Indian reps sought for new company launch

 QUESTION:  Knowing what you know now, would you have invested as much money as 
 possible in a company called Microsoft during its early years?
 The Direct Sales company we represent is in the process of beginning 
 operations in the Indian market.  This is our 5th year in business and global 
 sales (wholesale) are approaching U.S. $600 million.  We are in our early 
 years and poised to to beat Microsoft’s record of growth. 
 Quorum International Ltd. offers a wide range of new and innovative products 
 in the areas of Security (home, auto, personal, property),  Communications, 
 Health, & Home Entertainment.  We already operate in 14 countries and seek 
 serious individuals, with or without sales or marketing experience, who wish 
 to develop their own Quorum sales network and assist us in building the Indian 
 market.  We will enter this market initially by introducing our unique line of 
 state-of-the-art, wireless security products. 
 The Owner and President of the company is also the owner of Applied 
 Electronics, our 20 year old, Hong Kong-based financial & manufacturing parent 
 company, listed for the 3rd year in a row as one of the fastest growing 
 companies in Asia.  Applied has been the largest Hong Kong manufacturer of 
 consumer electronics for many years with a client list that includes Texas 
 Instruments, IBM, National Semiconductor, Olivetti, Mattel, Atari and more.
 Quorum will soon be a $1 billion dollar company. Nearly one half of wholesale 
 receipts will be paid to our Representatives in the form of sales rebates, 
 commissions, and bonuses. With Quorum, your primary investment will be your 
 time and talent.   
 If you are a motivated individual with leadership qualities and would enjoy 
 the financial and personal freedom of owning your own low cost, no risk 
 business, part-time or full-time, we'd like to hear from you. Imagine your 
 future TODAY.  
 For more information please contact us via Email at:
 Jonathan Enterprises
 an independent marketing group