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Re: ISLAM is only FUNDAMENTALIST - Reply to Saif.

 Supratik Das ( wrote:
 : Let me assure Saif that whatever he has written above is purely garbage. 
 : The Arabs following their expansion to the East and West to 'spread the 
 : message of Islam' came to Makran in Baluchistan, frontier of Hindostan. Many 
 : famous battles were fought in this historical city famous for being a 
 : centre of trade and also religion. It had the largest Sun temple in NW 
 : Hindostan which was decimated by the Arabs and subsequently they captured 
 : Sindh. Although Arab conquest to the East stopped at Sindh it laid the 
 : basis for future inroads into India by Muslim conquerers. 
 *Laugh*  I don't remember denying any of the above.  I was merely
 pointing out how the Arabs (and Islam) first reached Sind.
 : I agree that bloodshed is not the prerogative of any particular religion 
 : but Islam is being mentioned in this context because it has and is still 
 : doing the greatest harm to Hindus. Besides in order to improve your 
 : knowledge of History I may add that Aryan invasion theory has lost its 
 So your comments are based upon the fact that Hinduism is threatened
 (in your mind) by Islam, rather than upon any actual factual evidence
 regarding Islam's propensity for violence?
 : Spread of Islam in SE Asia though peaceful compared to the rest of the 
 : world was not entirely free of violence. Due to its more peaceful nature 
 : most Muslims in Indonesia do not have Arab names (e.g. you are not an 
 : Arab but have an Arab name) and mixed names in Malaysia. Although Islamic 
 : fundamentalists are working overnight to Arabise and Islamise (whatever 
 : that means) the population.
 I'm an Arab because my father's Palestinian . . . not because
 of your theory.  By the way, . . . every Malaysian I've met
 so far (and that's quite a few) has a Muslim name.
 Saif Al-Shirawi.      - Purveyor of 'garbage' that somehow turns
                         out to be true.