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Re: Babu Ramabadran Fan Club - Reply to Soumitra Bose.

 On 24 Jun 1996, Soumitra Bose wrote:
 > In <>
 > Supratik Das <> writes:=20
 > >On 23 Jun 1996, Soumitra Bose wrote:
 > >> >: Bengali Muislims never divided Bengal , Hindus and that too the
 > >> >: MArwaris funded the Hindu leaders of Congress and Hindu Mahasabha
 > >> >: they voted for divided Bengal, even the stalwarts of BEgnal
 > congress
 > >> >: wanted a United BEngal in an Indian confederation.(vide Joya
 > >> >: Chatterjee, Shailesh Bandopadhay,Rajat Roy,Gautam Bhadra etc )
 > Do not put words into my mouth. I maintained the Bannias(never said
 > MArwaris as there were non-Marwari non-bengalees too,and I do not mean
 > BAania as atiny caste ) funded heavily the Congressi-Hindu leaders and
 > the Hindu Mahasabha .Please read carefully before you pen.
 Read the above lines you wrote. You HAVE said the same. Don't deny it now.
 > Likewise there were muslim-lynchings too by the Bayam Samities in
 > Calcutta led by Gopal PAntha - a known criminal of B.C.Roy. .Somehow i
 > have a feeling your knowledge of that period is not becoming of an
 > average BEngali knowledge, it smacks of the information of the normal
 > North-Indian text-book. I would be happy if I am wrong , but your
 > citations show this. How come you do not know Somen Chanda being killed
 > by the Hindus and Muslim-goondas (in collusion) in Dhaka?
 Oh really. Then how do you explain the fact that from a 46:54 ratio of=20
 Hindus:Muslims in pre-partition Bengal the ratio is now 10:90 in=20
 Bangladesh whereas the percentage of muslims in WB is steadily=20
 increasing. Besides I haven't heard of any textbooks from North-India.=20
 However, your textbooks were probably supplied from the erstwhile Soviet=20
 > Marwaris are a community , who are wronged like hell, They have been
 > kicked out of their home-state , and only Bengal gave them not
 > individual home but a home as a community where they have a lebensraum.
 [BlahBlah deleted]
 That was a nice U-turn.
 > >Well, how strong was Hindu Mahasabha in Bengal? Why should you define=20
 > >Congress leaders, supposedly from a secular party, to be voting as
 > Hindus?
 > Well the British put one of their leaders as a Deputy Prime
 > minister.During the time he was there bengalees were most tortured by
 > the regime in the independance struggle . Shyamaprosad left no stone
 > unturned to grease the british and torture Bengalee freedom fighters.
 Again you are speaking garbage without any historical basis. Besides S.P.=
 Mookerjee had very little political influence to have that much impact.=20
 Otherwise he wouldn't have been muredred in cold blood and no=20
 investigation would have been carried out.
 > Why do not you check up the books I quoted. The whole of Bengal Muslim
 > league were trying to have a contract of United Bengla with the
 > Congress leadership led by Sarat Bose and KSRoy.Congress was clearly
 > divided and Muslim league too. There were black-sheeps and they always
 > as ever boot-licked the North Indians (Hindus and Muslims).
 So you do agree that it was a collusion between two of your friends-the=20
 eternally secular Congress and Muslim League-both of whom are now=20
 partners of the left. What was the role of the left then? Who did it side=
 with? Was the deal of United leadership fair?
 > I only said we write after we researched and we do not comment on
 > anything we do not know, you guys better start that. IF it is inflated
 You have so far quoted only Joya Chatterjee-a historian of little repute.=
 Anyway I don't believe Marxist Historians as I don't believe the=20