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Recommended reference materials/seminars

 >What reference materials/seminars would be recommended for learning how to
 >your dog and understand how they learn?
 >Sue Myers
 Raising K9, The New Puppydog, How to teach a new dog old tricks,
 Dr Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book, Dr Dunbars Behavior Booklets,
 Sirius Puppy Training Video, Dogs with Dunbar Video set
 all by Dr Ian Dunbar. 
 The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson, Excel-Erated Learning
 by Pamela J. Reid, Ph.D. Any seminar by the above and Cheryl Smith.
 Order all of the above from: (510) 658-8588 fax (510) 654-2392
 James&Kenneth Publishers 2140 Shattuck Avenue #2406 Berkeley CA 94704
 My good friend Dr Ian Dunbar is not going to being doing many seminars
 in the future. If you get a chance to attend one of the few, GO! Nobody
 does it better (smile).
 Another friend of mine, Diana Robinson has video taped many of Ian's seminars
 and you can order them from her at: Diana Robinson R.R. #1, Inglewoood,
 Ontario L0N 1K0 (905) 838-2314
 Don't Shoot the Dog, On Behavior both by Karen Pryor
 Shaping Video with karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes
 Sit! Clap! Furbish! with Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes
 A Behavior Sampler, Click&Treat Training Kit by Gary Wilkes.
 All of these available from Sunshine Books 1(800)47-CLICK 
 "Paw-sitive" Dog Training (A Fun and Simple Guide)
 by Allan Bauman order from or
 order any of the above from Direct Books 1-800-776-2665
 I recommend all seminars by the above folks. 
 Joel Walton                 Delta Society Certified Animal Evaluator
 Walton Family Dog Training  Positive,professional,private training. 
 DC/MD/VA 301-855-0355       Charter member: Assoc. Of Pet Dog Trainers
 Doggy seminars'96 near you  Pettable-List owner  & APDT-List manager