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Review - Sierra Nevada World Music Festival - June 21 - 23, 1996

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 (c) Russell Gerlach
 3rd Annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
 Riverfront Park Amphitheater - Marysville, California
 June 21 - 23, 1996
      With thoughts of possible 100+ degree weather on my mind from
 accounts of last year's festival, I made my way to Marysville, CA last
 weekend to the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival.  After seeing a few of
 the artists (Heartbeat tour twice and Toots/Justin Hinds) in So.
 California during the week prior to the festival, I knew Marysville had a
 musical treat in store for them.  After a short 40 minute trip north from
 Sacramento's Metro airport, a buddy from Portland and I arrived in
 Marysville (10,000 pop.) and proceeded to the festival grounds at a large
 recreational area adjacent to the Feather River.  My buddy was camping so
 I dropped him off at the grounds which were about 300 - 400 yards from the
 main gate of the concert.  The grounds were ideal for camping for the
 weekend, and were level and grassy with plenty of shade.  The day's temp
 got up to 85 degrees, and it was very comfortable at night too.  I do
 admit I opted for the comforts of a motel myself, and popped over the
 bridge to Yuba City (Marysville's larger sister city across the river to
 the west - 30,000 pop.) to check in and catch some rest before the night's
 ska line-up.
      Friday night's show started as twilight approached with one of the
 area's local bands, the Mudsharks, who played a highly energetic set of
 ska.  After their set, I checked out the vendors who were lined up around
 the perimeter of the bowl area of the concert area about 30 feet higher
 than the stage level all around in a "U" shape with a gentle grassy slope
 towards the flat middle of the bowl.  The food vendors were represented
 with all types of tastes and styles from Ital to Indian, and the arts and
 crafts booths were plentiful with many types of items and many with the
 ites - red, gold, and green.  
      A favorite vendor to see at festivals, Elliot and Renee from Trade
 Roots in San Diego were there, as well as many other familiar faces
 selling their goods.  I even got to take a close up look at the quarter
 moon in the sky through a beautiful handmade wood telescope that a guy set
 up for all to look through.  Next, from Fresno, CA,  the popular Let's Go
 Bowling played an hour set, that had the growing crowd of skankers kick up
 a little dust in the area in front of the stage, as well as the Skeletones
 after them from the Riverside, CA area.  Closing out the nights show was
 another local favorite, Mumbo Gumbo.  They're music was as their name
 implied with their world beat sounds being influenced from the four
 corners of the globe.  They show ended at midnight (a curfew set for live
 music in Marysville) and the stage was set for the next two full days of
 the festival.
      Saturday's show started near the 1:00 pm showtime with the weather
 equally as warm as the day before with blue skies above.  Cosmo, from the
 Bay Area, were the show openers, and I found out this band's line-up of
 musicians are made up of doctors!  There set was tight, and their roots
 reggae sounds greeted the arriving crowd that ended up near 3,000 by the
 end of the day (Sunday too).  The emcee for the weekend was Bay Area radio
 dj, Tony Moses.  He did a great job keeping the shows vibe up during set
 changes, and has the makings of being one reggae's top emcee's.
      LA's own, Boom Shaka, on their Freedom Now tour, which is the name of
 their new CD also, played a one hour set, as Trevi, Lesterfari, Binghi I,
 and Wadi Gad had the audience taking notice of these veterans.  They also
 played a few tracks from their Best Defenses CD that came to a few years