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Re: N64 FUTURE Predictions

 Jan Siren wrote:
 > >> Have you been reading the news lately? Does this sound familiar?
 > >> Sony accepted 99 out of 299 planned games? Hellooooo out there...
 > >> PSX is easy to develop for, but Sony policy will not let all the
 > >> crap through. Compared to the amount of shovelware that came out
 > >> for the SNES, I think Sony is doing a pretty good job on filtering.
 > >
 > >Of course, you're assuming that Sony's definition of crap is the same as yours.
 > >*MY* definition of crap would be:
 > >
 > >A game that looks so poor I wouldn't even consider purchasing it.
 > >
 > >-or-
 > >
 > >A game that I did purchase (due to great graphics, great reviews, etc)
 > >only to find out that it played like crap.
 > >
 > >The Playstation does have plenty of crap, as Sony seems to allow ANYTHING
 > >with pretty graphics; good gameplay is not even a consideration.
 > >
 > >And many of the titles that Sony of America is rejecting are NOT crappy
 > >games, they just aren't 3-D enough, or "next generation" enough, "too
 > >childish" or whatever. Fun games like Motor Toon, Pop-n-Twinbee, and
 > >Parodius SHOULD have come to America, but Sony of America wouldn't allow
 > >them. They'll lose market share (and 3rd party support) if this trend
 > >continues....
 > Sony sucks! That's why I bought a Saturn instead! Imagine a company so barbaric that they screen
 > OTHER companies' games for ethninticity and 2-Dimentionality! They ALWAYS import the flashy
 > 3-D games, but never import the good-playing 2-D games like Gensou Suikoden and Goemon
 > (Legend of the Mystical Ninja). Does anyone wonder why Capcom is about do drop Sony?
 Actually, Sega and Nintendo screen third parties too.  They just have 
 different ideas of quality than Sony does.  The only reason Capcom may 
 drop Sony(I personally don't beleive it) would be because Sony's QC is 
 too strict, and they may never bend at all.
 BTW, Mystical Ninja on the SNES was a great game, but it didn't do 
 anything special in terms of sales here.  Sony may have some screwed up 
 ideas of RPG's, but they do have to look at the bottom line.  Even 
 Konami themselves have said that Goeman is a game best suited to the 
 Japanese culture, and should stay there.