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Re: Complete AOL Transcript (Aaron Bergman) wrote:
 [transcript of AOL session deleted.  I have reformatted it to make it
 easier to read, removed some of the extraneous material, and have
 added my comments in square brackets after each answer]
 Q: My question concerns the True Power.  How is it distinguishable
 from the One Power?
 A: It's fairly self-evident from the book.  What can be done with the
 True Power is very similar to what can be done with the One Power.
 Except that where the One Power is drawn from the True Source and is
 the force that drives the Wheel of Time and powers the Universe, the
 so-called True Power is drawn from the Dark One. There are limits in
 the same ways there are limits to the One Power. It would be very long
 if I went into it too much, but some of those limits and costs of
 drawing on the Dark One are shown in CROWN OF SWORDS.
 ["so-called True Power"?  Is that a hint?]
 Q: Can gateways be created at non-right angles to the ground?  If not,
 why not?  If yes, why haven't we seen them?
 A: They can be, and you haven't seen it because there's been no need
 to do it. And also some of the people who can make gateways don't know
 how to do it.
 Q: How do you explain Liah being in Shadar Logoth for so long? 
 A: She became absorbed into the city.  She was left there and she is,
 after all, an Aiel, one of the people better at surviving under harsh
 circumstances than anyone else in the world. And also her corruption
 by Shadar Logoth gave her *some* protection.
 [An important point answered -- in retrospect, it seems obvious that
 Liah could not have survived just by being Aiel, but must have been
 corrupted by SL in some way.]
 Q: Because the wheel of time contains the Dark One's prison, and the
 ages repeat with each revolution, then isnt humanity itself also
 imprisioned....unable to truly evolve?
 A: No. :)
 Q: Cuendillar grows stronger when the One Power is directed into it,
 but can the One Power be drawn out of it, causing it to break?
 A: Read and find out! :)  That's something I may or may not use in a
 future book, but it's information that I don't want you to have yet.
 And that's the reason why I say "Read and find out" when I say it. :)
 Q: Will we learn what happened to Jain Charin "Farstrider" after his
 A: Possibly.
 Q: Just out of curiosity, do your predictions (Foretellings and Min's
 Viewings ) have a well, Delphic quality by accident, or by choice ?
 And did you ever think of writing a copy of The Prophecies of the
 Dragon ?
 A: There's very little in the books that's by accident -- very little
 -- and no, I've never thought of writing out the complete Prophecies
 of the Dragon. As already stated in a previous book, they would
 comprise a volume of some 300 to 400 pages.
 Q: Mr Jordan, can you tell us why Tor is sending you on tour for the
 Fallon series later this year, but not for A Crown of Swords?
 A: Well, it was a very short time between handing in A CROWN OF SWORDS
 and its publication, and in fact, they weren't really sure when I'd