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Re: The True Choice of Russia People

 Brian Liu ( wrote:
 : JED ( wrote:
 : : Distribution: 
 : : Brian Liu ( wrote:
 : : : First of all, I only defended the Chinese, not any other countries.  
 : : However, Mr. Liu, since you group all people of European descent as Euros
 : : then you must similarly accept the name of Asian.  By your own skewed and
 : : biased scale you share blame with all others of your continental origin.
 : : You share blame for the purges of your fello asiatic Stalin, you share
 : : blame for the slaughter in Timor, for the Cultural revolution, for the
 : : Nanking massacre, for the Cultural decimation of central asia by the Han,
 : : for millions dead in Cambodia.  You really need to redoo your genocidal
 : : math for this century.  You may find Asiatics have nothing to envy from
 : : the Europeans.
 : 1) I don't really give a shit about the rest of Asia.  Thus, I don't 
 : share the blame.
 : 2) Russians are Europeans you fucking idiot.
 You really don't have a glimmer of intelligence to back up your
 anti-european banter do you?  Staling was a Georgian.  An Asian.
 Churchhill was known to have said "we will never outsmart Stalin because
 we think like Europeans and he like an asiatic".  Learn your history Mr.
 : 3) Cultural decimation?  China today contains far more cultural diversity 
 : than ever before in its history, a country where people from Jews to 
 : Gentiles, Buddhists to Christians, Kazaghs to Cantonese to Han Chinese 
 : live.  China lent its culture to whoever willing to partake in it; people 
 : like Marco Polo and others who made the Silk Route of yesteryear.  
 : No one ever forced anyone else to be Chinese, but everyone wanted to 
 : share in China's rich culture.  The Chinese influence is evident everywhere.
 China has an extremely rich culture.  Unfortunately politically, it is one
 of the last remaining colonial powers.  The Han majority do indeed flood
 the lands of the central asians and mongolians and displace their own
 culture.  They further use extreme violence against the Tibetans who have
 indeed been "forced" to be a part of China.
 : : As I pointed out above, the greater part of the USSR is in Asia and
 : : Stalin, a Georgian, was an Asiatic as yourself.
 : Landwise yes, peoplewise no.  Like I said before, I don't give a fuck 
 : about Stalin.  He presided in Moscow, a part of Europe.
 What do you give a fuck about Mr. Liu?  Seeing only the good in China
 while expressing racist and insulting views about Europeans?  China has
 long ago outgrown the anti-european infiriority complex of the Boxer
 rebellion.  You really can move on and set aside this bizzarre oriental
 : : Chinese and Indonesian colonialism continues to this day and the ravage
 : : they cause is a bloody spectacle.  The fact is that colonial states chose
 : : to retain non-sensical colonial boundaries which served the interests of
 : : the ruling class while denying the natural structure of the society.  To
 : : put all the blame on the colonial powers is a far too simple escape for
 : : personal responsibility.
 : And how were the colonial states supposed to change the boundaries to 
 : be 'natural'?  Give up land?  Are you fucking stupid on purpose?  Who in 
 : their right mind would want to 'give up territory' to attain more natural 
 : boundaries.  Yes, I do put all the blame (or 90% of it) on the Colonial 
 : powers.
 So you support the forcible repression of diverse national groups by the
 ruling classes of states who'se only legitimacy arises from colonial