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Re: Coaster Enthusiasts -- who can figure them out?!?

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 >Watching the ranting and ravings in this newsgroup from the sidelines
 >for the last 3 months has prompted me to start this string.  I believe
 >it should, in the least, be interesting to see what the "guilty" have
 >to say about it?!
 >Q:  WHAT is it that Coaster Enthusiasts WANT?!?
 >Case in Point -- Enthusiasts seemingly endlessly complain about coasters
 >not being "wild" or "thrilling" enough.  They issue post after post to
 >parks to remove trim brakes, add grease, and build faster/wilder rides.
 >In 1996, Cedar Point debuts MANTIS, one of THE most *intense* steel
 >roller coasters on this planet!  Did it satisfy?  Apparently not.  
 >Most people have done NOTHING but COMPLAIN about the coaster since 
 >it's public debut, touting it is "too wild for them."
 >Case in Point -- Enthusiasts lament about how they long for the 
 >'coasters of old'.  Wishingly, they say "Bring back the Harry Traver 
 >In 1996, Hersheypark debuts the WILDCAT, a coaster directly out of the
 >1920s -- the only items missing are the manual brakes and the 
 >single-axel articulating trailered cars!  Did it satisfy?  Apparently 
 >not.  Most people *I* have held conversations with about the WILDCAT 
 >have remarked with surprisingly blase remarks about the ride.
 >Any any rec.roller-coaster readers can more effectively help me 
 >grasp the psyche of the average Roller Coaster Enthusiast, I would 
 >be greatly appreciative.
 >Case in Point -- Enthusiasts
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 I couldn't agree wiith you more!  I'm sick and tired of hearing about the 
 complaining about Manits, which is by far one of the finest coasters ever
 built.  I suggest to anyone who doesn't like this coaster to take a good hard
 look and try to figure out exactly WHY you ride coasters in the first place!
 As for the Wilcat, I loved it also...without out a doubt a top 10 woodie.  As
 I've been saying for weeks, when trying out a new coaster, especially a 
 woodie, take morning/night, dry/wet, and even rides on more then one
 day when judging a coaster.  Many of the great woodies have more then
 one personality and it takes several rides to find out its full potential. 
 The Wildcat is a great example of this.  When we rode this at night it 
 delivered a very "wild" ride loaded with airtime in both front and back, but
 the back really came alive at night.  My only complaint with the Wildcat is