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Techno, house, trip hop, ambient, and more...

 I am a christian DJ looking to put up a website related to the christian
 dance music scene.  My name is DJ Seven and I mix mostly in Florida
 (Lakeland, Orlando, Jacksonville) but occasionally get to go to GA or SC
 (Myrtle Beach).  I have been mixing exclusively christian (or christ
 related) techno and House for several years now and want to join up with
 some people to collaborate on a website about the scene.
 My real job is that of a web site developer for AT&T and I want to put
 those talents and skills to work for the kingdom of god and the artists
 who produce this incredible form of worship.
 Mail me If you want to help, I will need people to write reviews, concert
 (or rave) reviews, and maybe do some interviews with the artists and djs. 
 I program pages and am quite proficient with photoshop but I also could
 use some help in those areas.
 Jamey Wright (DJ Seven
 PS- the name of the website will be Chemical Free House!