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Re: Which football team does the Doctor support?

 In article <4r3vrn$>, Leviathan ( 
 >In article <>, says...
 >>In article <> "Eric Gjovaag" writes:
 >>>> *it* has called football, everybody else in the world has to comply.
 >>> When has ANYBODY in this thread implied THIS?  
 >> The moment that somebody mentioned the 49ers, or the Bears or any other
 >> American Football team. 
 That was me.  It was a joke because (a) tons of people were whining about the 
 "Americanisation" of the telefilm and (b) the 49ers are, after all, San 
 Fransisco's team.  It was a Brit/American joke 'cos I was sick of seeing 
 double-digit-IQ types rant and rave about Americanisation, and I regret it more 
 than you could possibly know.
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