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586/100Mhz color notebook - $1599!

 586/100Mhz color notebook - $1599!
 Brand new: KIWI COMPUTERS Inc.[a California manufacturer - see rave
 reviews in recent magazines and cover of this month's PC LAPTOP Magazine]
 is offering this special Open Note new-model sale: a brand new 586-based
 100Mhz notebook, with 810Mb hard drive, 3.5" floppy drive, 8Mb memory,
 10.4" dual scan color matrix screen, touchpad, SVGA display and output for
 external monitor, PCMCIA card slots, carry case, uniquely upgradable to
 faster CPU's, uses inexpensive standard SIMM memory, and with
 manufacturer's 3 year warranty - all for only $1599! (check discount;
 credit cards okay.) 800-469-2775.
 And, you can add an internal stereo SB-compatible sound card with built-in
 14.4K FAX/modem for only $149 more (leaving the PCMCIA slot free)!