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Re: Pilot connectivity?

 No at this time you can not email from the pilot. However after owning a
 Newton and a Zaurus, both of which had that capability, but such a pain to
 do I never did (other than test that they could). I now use my pilot to
 write and read email all the time???  This is due to the ease of getting
 data data from the PC to the Pilot. I move my email into the pilot every
 morning and the ease and speed of writing on the allows me to reply to my
 mail during the day. Then when I return to to the office the mail is moved
 to my PC and mailed (a very quick and painless process). No wires to
 connect, no battery draining modems etc. Just one button to push and in
 less than 30 seconds my mail is gone.  If you really need to access email
 during the day then a Newton or sone other palmtop may be your best
 solution. A laptop would be better.
 > Matthew.C.Wakeman@Dartmouth.Edu (Matthew Wakeman) wrote in article
 > Just curious - is there a possibility to do email on the Pilot? 
 > - for the programmers out there - can a program directly access a modem
 > off the serial port & connect to some popular online national online
 > service (I know you'd probably have to hack it or something to figure
 > to send during the handshaking sequences...)  Would really appreciate
 > answers to this one - it's going to be the deciding factor between Pilot
 > Newton for me...; ).  Also, if you want to rant & rave about the Pilot,
 > whatever, let me know.  But I REALLY want to know about the modem. 
 > Somewhat prefer email, but post is ok.
 > Thanks,
 > Matt
 > <>