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Re: News - Afghani Gets Off Genital Kissing Charge

 Assalam Alaikum everyone,
 I just discovered this server and saw the heading and I figured I should
 to it.  Brother Walid, are you refering to this Afghan who kissed his son's
 genital who lives in Portland, Maine?  Well, I live in Portland, Maine and
 is an Afghan who did kiss his son's genital.  I do not know a lot about the
 incident, but I do know that there are a lot of Afghans who feel embarrased
 because of this incident. According to the Afghan community this is not part of
 the culture.  I have met this person and he seems to be a nice guy.  I have not
 seen the picture, but if it was taken during the circumcision ceremony it would
 make a little more sense.  Well, I do not have anything else to say about the
 incident and I hope this will not happen again in the future. 
 Similar, incident occured to an Arabian man (don't remember the country) a few
 years ago that was on the 20/20 show.  The children were taken from him and
 were adopted by Christian family and they were being raised as Christians.
 Well, this person also it was okay to kiss his son's genital according to his
 That's all I have to say..