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Re: When does myopia need correction? (Jim Manson) wrote:
 > (Raymond A. Chamberlin) wrote:
 >> (Jim Manson) wrote:
 >>> (Raymond A. Chamberlin) wrote:
 >> I'll try to find
 >>something on this at some library.  Don't think I'll run into Bill
 >a non-answer
 Well, clearly a shelving.
 >> I can
 >>remodel my own home (if I have one, but I don't) without being
 >>licensed to do it (with maybe having to have certain items done by
 >>licensed contractors), yet I can't just throw up any kind of shack I
 >>might choose to.  In a city, particularly, there are all kinds of
 >>regulations I must abide by, but I'm not required to be licensed in
 >>the process, and, unless there is corruption, these regulations are
 >>regularly enforced under municipal and county codes.  All kinds of
 >>people in the whole city and/or county are involved in determining
 >>these codes, though not all equally.
 >Wrong- you can't simply pass regulations that effect them without
 >some form of licensing. 
 Wrong; I'm right.  I gave an example.  The whole criminal codes of any
 jurisdiction are also exactly those.  What is your tax-fraud civil
 enforement if it is not those, assuming you (and if not you, some
 colleague) handle individuals as well as licensed businesses?
 >If you want to write a proposed legal
 >basis for that go ahead- I'll be interested in seeing it.
 They might pay you for that, but not me.
 >Comparing it to municipal building codes is specious.
 Saying my comparison is specious, is simply saying you elevate
 physicians to some untouchable plane--or denigrate building
 construction to the pits.  Don't you ever catch MDs at tax fraud?
 Only all the time.
 >>can you not find it ludicrous that
 >>>>*licensed* MDs in the US are fully permitted to practice any and all
 >>>>kinds of medicine legally, although not formally or otherwise trained
 >>>>in whatever specialty/ies they choose to practice?
 >>>Depends on how you define that. In general it's not correct 
 >>In *general*, it *is* correct; I don't know about certain powers
 >>surgeons have acquired within the profession but which are not state
 >Maybe not in your state- they are in Minnesota.
 >>>in that
 >>>a GP is not allowed to perform most types of specialized surgery,
 >>>period. Hospitals frequently revoke privileges