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[l/m 6/25/96] References Distilled Wisdom (28/28) XYZ

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 <most pot hole filling [reformatting, citation completion] welcome>
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 	rec.arts.books (moderated)
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 This is not intended as a comprehensive list.
 What do you want?  Hand holding in the wilderness?  Part of the
 adventure is in the the self-discovery.  This is just a start.
 Try a library.
 For instance, climbing and backpacking is the 796.5[012] section (Dewey)
 or the G 505-510 and GV 190-200 in the Library of Congress section (how do 
 I know that? I've spent a lot of time there).  You can find other topics in 
 similar areas.  Are you familiar with Books-in-Print?
 Just look.
 You can't learn all wisdom from a book, but think of a book
 as containing the "syntax" of wisdom.  In the past, none of these books
 existed, so their contents get better thru time.
 BOOKS, Dave Roberts published a fine review of beginning mountaineering
 books in the 1971 Ascent.  While those books were obviously dated, the
 qualities of the review (all bad) were good.  Roberts characterized
 "Nine Deadly Sins:"
 	Sin of anachronism
 	Sin of atavism
 	Sin of provincialism
 	Sin of over-specificity
 	Sin of technique for it's own sake
 	Sin of equipment freaking
 	Sin of dullness
 	Sin of moral didacticism
 	Sin of ignorance
 Considering these when getting ANY book.
 How-to-get started
 %A Colin Fletcher
 %T The Complete Walker
 %X Get the most current version available (III or IV).
 %X This book unlike most books tries to convey the feeling.
 Also try (for enjoyment):
 %A Colin Fletcher
 %T The Thousand Mile Summer
 %X Realize that trip was done in 1958 before the outdoor fad.
 Not a how-to book.
 %A Colin Fletcher
 %T The Secret Worlds of Colin Fletcher
 %D 1988
 %X It is suggested that one read Robert Pirsig's
 "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" first.
 %X Subtle.
 %A Colin Fletcher
 %T The Man Who Walked Through Time
 %X Account of a backpack the length of the Grand Canyon.
 Especially enjoyable for GC boaters out there.
 %A H. Manning
 %T Backpacking One Step at a Time
 %I   [Not Mountaineers]