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 Hi Netters,
    What you have been reading in this thread recently is developments and
 discussions you are most likely to see on *soc.culture.ethiopia* if and when
 it's created. With time and perseverence, people's mind set changes and
 appreciation of civil discussions will emerge. The author of this article is
 widely respected individual and author of many several books. This article is
  posted for its style and tone.
 I apologize for posting such a long article.
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 My Noble Ethiopians,
          The yesterdays posting of Dr. Samuel made a bell of the sun not settin
 g on EEDN.  What a pleasure to feel like the old British Empire.  There is also
 a joke about them: An Irish asks his friend ' what would the British do if ther
 e was not the British empire?'  '' Emm how can you see an Englishman sitting in
 the dark.'' is his friends answer.   The good thing is whatever happen to us
 children of Ethiopia it is clear that we are not sitting in the dark.  There is
 everyday some hope of washing away our bad name of the Ethiopians hand open to
 receive anything that comes from the givers.  There was a tv joke where Mrs.
 Thatcher in the EEC; while trying to solve the problems of mountains in Europe,
  she suggests why not we give to the Ethiopians?   What makes me sure about the
 bright days coming for Ethiopia is the present mood of EEDN.  There was time
 not even more than six months when Jalala and I exchanged ideas on the main
 line about trying to call the Oromo net to exchange ideas with EEDN.  In now
 EEDN is really becoming EEDN and the desired talk is on the go.  Even the
 postings on the Chellenqo topic contributes Ethiopians to come together and
 feel each others pain.  The Oromo land case is on progress now.  It is healthy
 and natural to exchange words of emotions, this defuses the lust for war for it
 is the mind that plans the wars and suffers the fire in the war as well as plan
 s the hot wards and suffers the iron-hard words.  The only unhealthy thing I
 read, however is the conclusion spelt as if deciding the fate of Ethiopians:
     "Because our differences are that wide it is better we live apart..."
      This posting is read by the wise and the old Ethiopians as well.  They can
 correct me, there is not that sin committed by any group to make Ethiopians
 decide to live apart.  Open to the womb of any country's history there is alway
 s hard to believe brutality made by one part of that same nation on the other.
 The Ugoslavians spoke about their true history, open the grave yards and found
 themselves in doing the worst act of hate-mission even worse from the past.
 The Eritreans have a good cause to hate us, we enjoyed the morale of staying
 alive when the whole of Africa was under foot of disrespecting colonizers.  We
 won the last war because of the war machine we received at the cost of Eritrean
 s independence.  The fruit of hate bears multiple seed of hate.  Trying to
 divide is the fruit of the tree we ourselves planted in Eritrea.  Dream is
 often a lay, and foolishness, since some people have no other right they digest
 their dreams.  And I being one of these foolish people sometimes give value to
 my dreams, especially those concerning our country.  Some of the books I wrote
 are also outcome of my foolish dreams.  Five years before this poisoned consti-