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RUSSIA: National Security Concept

Rossiiskiye Vesti
May 13, 1997

Security Council Secretary Ivan RYBKIN about the
national security concept drafted by the Security
Council on a presidential order
     This concept is designed to gear the security system of
Russia to modern international realities, the economic
possibilities of Russia, and the level of society's readiness
for changes. 

     Without it, we cannot determine the current and future
priorities and ensure a stable development of society.

     Today we simply must streamline and coordinate the work of
all government agencies ensuring the security of the
individual, society and the state.

     The national security concept should provide the basis for
the elaboration of vital policy documents, above all a military

     The concept consists of preamble and four chapters.
   The preamble provides the definition of the national
security concept and shows its significance for the elaboration
of the government policy. 

     The first chapter dealing with Russia's place in the
international community, analyses the main trends in modern
global developments and the role and place of Russia in the
world from the viewpoint of national security.

     The general evaluation of the development of the
multipolar world is the basis for formulating the conditions
for maintaining and strengthening Russia's positions.

     The second chapter dealing with Russia's national
interests, determines the system of Russia's national interests
as the sum total of the basic interests of the individual,
society and the state.

     The interests of the individual call for a guaranteed
provision of the constitutional rights and freedoms, personal
security, a higher quality of life, living standards, physical,
cultural and intellectual development.

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