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FW: MCR update (note new address)MCR update (note new address)

Dear media junkies:

MediaCulture Review, the Institute for Alternative Journalism's biweekly
media, technology and culture compendium, has moved to:


>From this site, prepare to read in-depth, cutting-edge features, commentary
and criticism culled from the best the independent press has to offer.

Our latest issue features:

* MCRaves, highlighting the best media criticism and analysis online. This
week: an excerpt from Jerry Landay's "Whose First Amendment Is It,
Anyway?", on the corporate Mediacracy's abuse of power; and Rocky Mountain
Media Watch's latest report on the pundit gender gap in print media.

* Cyberculture, defining the virtual landscape, now links to Cyber Freedom,
a section of "Democracy Works" (www.democracyworks.org) featuring articles
on First Amendment rights and other Internet-related issues.

* Mediascene, keeping you up on the breaking developments in the media
industry. This issue: Rupert Murdoch is at it again! Also: Frank Beacham's
Questioning Technology lends advice to cope with pagers and cell phones
that keep you perpetually "on call."

* J-School Blues, geared toward college students and aspiring journalists,
offers helpful hints on coping with the student life, and provides a
heads-up on what you can expect from the job market when you get that
degree. Chip Rowe gives us a peek into the 'zine scene and Sarah Nankin
debunks the Gen X myth with the reality of Generation P(oor).

NEW! * The Ad Ad World, critiquing commercialism, with a word from Will
Durst and details on the upcoming Counter-Advertising Awards.

MediaCulture Review also links to IAJ's Media & Democracy Congress site
(www.mediademocracy.org/congress/), providing the latest details on our
upcoming three-day media event, October 16-19 in New York City.

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