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SU.MUSIC.TECHNO 'The Prodigy' FAQ (Part 3 of 7)

Keith is, at this stage of the Prodigy's career, the most well-known member
of the band. His somewhat unusual appearance, coupled with his antics in
that video, have made Keith every parent's nightmare. One particular parent,
in a letter to the BBC complaining about the Firestarter video, have called
him "a man in need of urgent medical attention".

Keith on stage is a riot altogether. His stage act used to consist of him
inside a giant transparent rubber ball, where he'd have tubes up his nose
to breathe with. Once Maxim would let him out, he would then proceed to
incite a crowd riot, and have a bottle smashed over his head. He has also
suggested setting himself on fire for the live show. As you can imagine,
he has a lot of trouble getting life insurance cover.

>Name: Liam Howlett
Age: 24