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Fwd: Interview with Reed Hundt-Part II

Subject> Interview with Reed Hundt-Part II
From>  Bonnie Bracey <BBracey@aol.com>
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[The FCC is expected to announce several policy decisions this week that
will affect how America's school access the Internet.  In light of these
announcements, Bonnie wanted to share this interview recently conducted
with FCC Chairman Reed Hundt with you.  Our thanks go to Mardell Raney and
AIT for their assistance in this matter.  You can find a copy of this
article on-line at <>.)

                    An Interview with Reed Hundt
                     By Mardell Jefferson Raney

(Continued from Part I)

The FCC has asked for public comment, in its on-going proceedings, to
allocate digital television channels, on a staff proposal to reallocate
unused spectrum on UHF television channels 60-60 for other purposes, and if
that is done, how to best utilize that spectrum. A number of proposals,
including auctioning the spectrum and using the proceeds for expenses to
connect schools and classrooms to the Information Highway, have been
presented to the FCC and are under review. While it's premature to
speculate about how these questions will be answered, I strongly encourage
your readers to contact the FCC and let us know their views on this

Will licensees comply with the intent of these requirements, or merely
adhere to the letter of the law?

We'll be considering views on what kinds of public interest requirements
the holders of digital TV licenses should fulfill as a condition to their
license to utilize the publicly owned spectrum. Vice President Gore has
announced that the administration will convene a special advisory group to

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