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Servia's Future

In a round-about fashion I can also tell you what the future holds. The
Serbian people have destroyed their future for at least a generation. Can
someone who has destroyed over 1,000 mosques and Catholic churches expect
anything better? It is safe to say that the Serbian people at present find
themselves in a state of moral bunkruptcy. One interesting statistic is
that as late as 1993 three out of four Serbs were not baptized. The
chances of genuine democratization in any realm, due in large part to the
idiotization of the average Serb by his "intellectuals" and the cult known
as the Serbian Orthodox Church ("wherever there are Serbian graves that is
Serbian land") are non-existent. Crime, a long-standing Serbian enterprise
is rampant (the so-called slivovitz or plum-brandy Mafia operating in West
Germany is one Serbian contribution to European cultural landscape) and
the former colonies of Croatia and Slovenia can no longer be milked.

Cracks are appearing in the Montenegrin-Serb relationship. I feel that the
Serbian people will experience a major catharsis in the near future, maybe
not in the form of a Hiroshima or a Reichstag but a socio-economic
implosion. Politicians should be aware that the beast, literally and
figuratively, is still in Belgrade. As you watch events unfold remember
the maxim: "Tyrannies do not improve, they perish."

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