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The Betrayal Ch. 3 1/3 by DawnThe Betrayal- Chapt. 3 1/3

Title:  The Betrayal	
Author: Dawn
Email: angipang@sat.net	
Rated:  PG (mild violence)
These characters are not mine, they belong to Chris Carter and Fox 
Broadcasting.  I do not have permission to use these characters.  No 
copyright infringement is intended.
Summary:  Would Scully do anything to protect her partner?  Even if it 
means...betrayal?  This chapter marks the completion of my first short 
story.  Due to length, it will be posted in three parts.  This is not a 
MSR, but a little bit of angst and tenderness  was inescapable.  Thanks 
to Jad for all the encouragement.  As I am a fairly new writer, please 
let me know what you fellow ficcers think of the Betrayal.  

The Betrayal-Chapter 3

FBI Building 8:40 am

     "Thank you Agent Mulder," the caller said.  The voice.  It rang a 
vague bell with Mulder.  
"What is it that you want?"
"Patience, young agent.  What I have to tell you is of the utmost 
importance. "  If he wasn't mistaken, Mulder detected a faint accent, 
although from where he was unsure.  
"Okay,  I'm listening." 
"Before I get started, I must warn you.  The information I am about to 
give you is very highly classified and your knowledge of it might 
possibly endanger not only your life, but Agent Scully's as well.  So, 

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