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Best Brains chat 5/14 + additions to official websiteBest Brains chat 5/14 + additions to official website

     ******    Six Brains locked in One Chat Room    ******
     ******     and only the witty will survive!     ******

Join Mike "Full" Nelson, "Killer" Kevin Murphy, "Malevolent" Mary Jo Pehl,
Bill "Wild Man" Corbett, Paul "the Preying" Chaplin and "Battlin'" Bridget
Jones in our first ever Steel Cage Chat!  Wednesday, May 14 at 7pm Eastern
Time.  If this year you attend only one MST3K chat promoted as if it were
a wrestling match, make sure it's this one!

For information on how to take part in this and other Dominion events,
visit <http://www.scifi.com/colony/events/>.  Or simply connect your IRC
client to <events.scifi.com> and join #auditorium at the appointed date
and time.

     ******     "Amazing Season 8 Episode Guide"     ******
     ****** now online at the official MST3K website ******

New to the official MST3K website (<www.mst3000.com> or
<www.scifi.com/mst3000/>): movie synopses, host segment descriptions and
show reflections for all the episodes that have aired on Sci-Fi Channel,
writen by The Brains themselves.  Follow the link for "Experiments" from
our main MST3K page.

     ******           New Website Welcome            ******
     ******            from Mike Nelson              ******

Our monthly missive from the not-too-distant future takes the form of a
greeting from Mike Nelson, on the front page of the official MST3K
website.  Read and enjoy.

        .@$$$$$@.  .e*'      THE SCI-FI CHANNEL - WELCOME TO THE EDGE
     .,.O$$$$$$$O*'' _____________________________________________________
    @*  :*$$$$$*'                     http://www.scifi.com

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