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Re: Solution to the "60 Minutes Problem"Re: Solution to the "60 Minutes Problem"

At 05:44 PM 5/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In response to a question about braindeath Mile Holloway wrote:
>> Define death.  What's your criteria?  And don't tell me it's when you're
>not alive.<
> I have
>copied an article from the NY Times that addresses this issue.

Yes, this has already been posted, but you misunderstand.  I want to know
what *Lori* considers to be death, as an exercise in reaching an
understanding, not just of Lori undetstanding how death is declared, but of
understanding how she came by this apparent misunderstanding about brain
death.  The legal definition of death, and the medical criteria used for
declaring death are not so hard to understand that someone concerned about

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