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Axel and Antonio

> From: Michael Bertsch (mbertsch@ECST.CSUCHICO.EDU)
> This is in response to Axel's and Antonio's discussion about learning.
> I will say something about reading that will illustrate about learning.
> A person makes sense of what is read because of the information in
> the reader's head, not from what is on the page.
> By extension, we make sense of anything we're confronted with
> because of the experiences we've had.
> Therefore, if we want people to learn difficult things we first must try
> to enrich that person's context with respect to what is being taught.
> It is most difficult to enrich the context of an adult unless that adult is
> motivated towards self-enrichment.  The best way to elevate the level
> of understanding for an entire population is to enrich the curriculum of
> Elementary and High Schools.
> Michael Bertsch
> Academic Alchemist
> http://www.joshuanet.com/~mbertsch

Ah, Michael, but you are now leaving the learning curriculum "from the
child's Zero Year until School" out of the door!

As you surely know, the child's brain owns its greatest amount of
inter-neuronal connections before hir 2 years of age, as at that time a
sudden process of re-absorption of the superfluous connections takes
place, so that the child starts to save and fix the only nervous
connections which will be responsible for hir future relational life,
learning skill, making experiences DIY (Do It Yourself).

During this selective process of mindframe building, the influential
environmental pressure is due to the parental comm patterning and the
parents' agreement, i.e., the family teaching before the schooln, is the
only selection key (as it is the natural feedback) for the child.

Well now, are you capable of suggesting me what should be the better
curriculum of the parental teaching through family comm patterning?

If you were uncapable of doing it - as I humbly guess after having
inquired about this topic for decades and having found no researcher
there, let me suggest here that the choice having to be made is between

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