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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 23:14:25 -0400
Subject: EPK Videos

At 12:26 PM 97/04/15 -0700, Daniel Barassi moded something inane:
>Noshin  Chowdhury <nc60@columbia.edu> typed:
>I believe this is the promo footage that BRAT talked about previously.
>The Virgin people were playing it while I was on line buying the stuff.
>It's about 25 minutes long, with cool shots of the band and a montage of
>images and song clips, with the words to the lyrics bleeding in and out.
>I haven't seen all the video footage since I had to rush to class, but I
>hope the ING video is on there.
>----->>The EPK has the video for Barrel Of A Gun. And, it only runs =

>18:05, according to my copy.

Same with mine.  The difference, as I told you on the phone is the label (a
white printed "The Mastering Studio" with dot matrix contents rather than a
"Reprise" bluish printed one with dot matrix contents and The Mastering

The dates and codes and such on them are:

Reprise actual EPK, blue Reprise label, clear plastic sleeve
	Depeche Mode				18:05
	"ULTRA" EPK 1997

	VHS NTSC (Stereo)

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