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Re: SRII: NUYEN options

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 Jonathan R Bezeau <> wrote:
 >Exsistance In Denial ( wrote:
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 >: >     Actually, I'd do the opposite of what you are planing.  Let a corp
 >: > hire them, and then screw them over... take their money, their gear,
 >: > everything... leave them in an ally to rely only on their skills and
 >: > contacts... then you will know if they are worthy of a multi-million
 >: > nuyen run... 
 >:  Multi-? Ha. Hell no! I'd never let a single PC get there hands on a wad
 >: bigger than 300k, and that's even  if they've been saving up.
 I agree that you are paying your people to much. You said that each PC wants
 120,000 per run. If you have, say 6 PCs, 720,000 in money the Johnson has
 to pay. They had better be breaking into some corp Main Office and stealing
 tons of data for this kind of cash.
 You also said that your runs take a couple of months and that your people
 replace their gear after each run. Ok now for the basic Sam you have
 rent 10,000 / month for high living, replace Heavy Security Armor 36,000
 to say 50,000 for all the neat features, 4,8000 for a internal smart link
 HK227-S, and 20,000 for a AK80 with internal Smartlink. The grand total is
                 20,000 Two months of rent
                  4,800 SMG
                 20,000 AK98
                 50,000 Armor
 Gee, did I leave anything out? Now I know that this guy is way over armored
 for a Shadowrunner and I do remember you saying they purchased more bullets
 each run (how may are you using?). But bullets are cheap and I've  been in
 only two fights where any PC used up an entire clip of bullets (actually
 they were internal magazines of 5 and 6 bullets). Most fights do not last
 long enough to use up more then a couple of rounds. If your using up more
 then your more of a merc then a runner.
 Even with the high cost of equipment the 120,000 is to much for every run.
 The only way this kind of pay is needed is if your group is lossing arms and
 legs every run and have to have them cloned for replacement.
 >You gotta get more creative with your costs of living. Whatever I give, I 
 >make sure I get 80-90 percent back without them having anything to show 
 >for it other than a decent time. Totally restricting Heal spells in my 
 >game helped with that. Drug habits took care of a lot of the rest. 
 >Whenever they whine about how they totally need a new piece of shit to 
 >abuse, I tell them to steal it.
 Agreed. I've made heal spells cost about 8,000 to 10,000 per casting. If
 you want to have the NPC mage use karma to re-roll failures it will cost
 you another 10,000 per karma point he uses (eats up money real fast).
 Late charge on rent, fixers charging more for you always asking for the
 same equipment (hey if your getting mil spec gear it may be harder for
 him to get an they would just raise the price).
 >:    and the team leader shouts,"not again? what is this?"
 >:    I hate to tell you but i try to screw them over every adventure. The
 >: only trustworthy johnson is a dead one. Usually my team's adventure lasts
 >: about 1-1 1/2 months. so that's (2) life style payments. They always buy