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Cheap GHB potency check!

 I have just been reading a moderately accurate, if slightly sensational
 and misleading, document on GHB which I freshly downloaded from this
 newsgroup (hint, hint). I have gotten to the part that says that one of
 the problems with GHB is knowing how strong it is (true) and that there is
 no cheap way of checking the strength (false).	
 	It is VERY simple. Put it in the oven and heat to something over
 100 C degrees (boiling point of water). When all the water is evaporated,
 you are left with just GHB (assuming it has been made proberly). If you
 are worried about purity, just heat it up more, to the boiling point of
 Gamma ButyroLactone which I THINK (can't find the reference) is about 240
 C degrees (if you are American and don't know what degrees celsius is -
 LEARN). This will drive off all remaining of that stuff. Once that is all
 boiled off and if the temp goes up a bit more, the GHB will also
 evaporate. You don't want this so take it out of the oven. 
 	Whem you are left with pure GHB (a white wax), rehydtrate it in
 boiling water to your desired concentration (or take it as a solid -
 harder to measure accurately).
 	It is very easy to do and anyone that says otherwise is probably
 working for the FDA or the CIA (protecting their market share).
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