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 >I don't usually wear sunglasses so I know very little about them. I
 >hope someone here can help me buy a good pair for aviation use.
 >- What are good sunglasses for aviation ?
 >- What features are important for aviation use ?
 >- What is the main difference between the cheap drug-store sunglasses and the
 >  expensive designer types ?
 >- Where should I buy them and how much can I expect to spend ?
 >Thanks for any help!
 >Andrew Sarangan         
 Hi Andrew, 
 After reading all the posts I feel you've gotten some great advise. I too 
 wanted the same questions answered. After talking to alot of pilots I found 
 that a lot of the older experienced pilots prefered not to wear sunglasses. 
 They felt that the way to go is to wear a baseball cap. They all pretty well 
 gave the same answer, "They did not want to get use to wearing sunglasses, 
 then forget them, they felt that being use to not having sunglasses meant 
 one less thing to remember to bring". Hey I don't pretend to understand the 
 logic. Personnaly I use polarized lenses, my biggest mistake was buying frames 
 with a thick arm, with the pressure from the headset my head starts to hurt 
 after an hour. I bought polorized because I also boat, however my CFI who does 
 not wear sunglasses keeps saying to me, "Take those stupid glasses off, I 
 think you'll see better." . Anyways the cheapest place in Ottawa for polarized 
 lenses is Fishing Buddies on Carling Ave, I should know, I realy shopped 
 Lorne Kinsella