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Re: DHEA in 100mg available (Erik Tersteeg) wrote:
 >"Larry S. Kramm" <> writes:
 >>You are supposed to take DHEA in split doses of 25mg 2xday or 
 >>50mg 2xday.  Are these capsules 25 or 50mg each or are they a 
 >>full 100mg which makes them not viable.
 >In one's 20's-30's, this is true, but when one really starts needing DHEA
 >intake (30+) one takes quite a bit more than this.
 >  Erik
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 If one is taking significantly more than this in one's 40's or 50's,
 one is likely to have higher than physiological levels of DHEA. The
 only way to know for sure, of course, is to be tested, but from
 everything I have seen, 50 to 100 mg is almost always enough to
 restore youthful levels.

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