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VirtualResume * Experienced FileMaker Pro 3.0 Designer/Consultant

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 Name: Jeff Miller
 Phone: 909-945-2836
 Location: Alta Loma  CA  USA
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                              COVER LETTER
 After many years in the entertainment industry having developed 
 hundreds of database files using FileMaker Pro to manage not only 
 the production of my shows (casting scheduling payments of actors 
 and services) but the distribution of the finished product and the 
 running of day to day operations at the beginning of this year 
 I formed my consulting firm Data Management Associates. 
 DMA is a full-service consulting firm specializing in providing 
 custom data management and POS solutions for a wide range of
 business needs: invoicing accounts payable/receivable payroll
 management decision support marketing sales customer trend analysis
 and job tracking. I also provide on-site project support and training
 and have a good deal of experience massaging data from other apps
 for entry into FileMaker. I provide complete desktop business graphics 
 support using PageMaker and PhotoShop and direct mail management from 
 artwork and copy to brochures mail list selection and list management. 
 Most recent job: a complete job tracking and management information 
 solution for Disney Televentures a joint Cable TV venture of Disney 
 and 4 baby Bells.
 Other clients are as diverse as graphic artists printing salesmen
 general contractors home associations a management consulting firm
 and with the participation of Apple itself a complete order taking
 tracking and fulfillment app for the duplication company which duped 
 and shipped Apple's own video productions to it's employees.
 Most of these solutions are large full featured and script driven and 
 designed to provide a wide range of MIS reports. All have an aesthetic-
 ally pleasing human interface the equal of most commercial applications. 
 After nearly ten years of developing FileMaker systems I have the kind 
 of in-depth knowledge of the program which enables me to develop quickly 
 building on my experience with past files and avoiding the „dead end¾ 
 paths common to beginning developers. This is something I now do and 
 use every day.  Iåm also expert at finding data in books periodicals 
 manuals or other publications OCRing it and massaging it in Word-
 Perfect to output comma delimited text files for import into a 
 FileMaker DB.
 With regard to experience gained in my „first career¾ in video produc-
 tion and distribution in addition to producing the shows I planned 
 mailings (in the strategic sense) purchased appropriate lists and 
 designed and supervised the production of all mailing pieces. I can 
 evaluate a market purchase the appropriate lists write copy design 
 and track test mailings and work with printers and lettershops. Iåve 
 supervised the duplication/ fulfillment facilityås work on our account 
 as well as provided customer support and problem resolution. 
 In addition Iåm an experienced Mac trouble shooter having purchased 
 and set up countless systems for myself and others and have experience 
 with networks as well.
 In terms of desktop publishing I¼ve done most of my own broadcast 
 graphics on computer and am proficient in Photoshop and expert in 
 PageMaker where with Photoshop Iåve been designing my catalogs and 
 advertising for over ten years. In additon to FileMaker Pro Photoshop 
 and PageMaker I also know Word WordPerfect MacWrite Excel 
 TypeStyler OmiPage Professional and SuperPaint.