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Animal rights extremists froth at the mouth

 ACT UP confronts red-ribbon-wearing animal extremists
 AIDS group chants: "Your shoes don't match your views, you'll see it on the
 Peta supporters surround ACTUP activists as they protest for valuable,
 life-saving research
 for immediate release
 contact: Steve Michael or Wayne Turner at 202.547.6780
 (Washington, DC, June 22, 1996) Peaceful HIV+ AIDS activists and their
 advocates today protested animal extremists who refuse to repudiate acts of
 violence against AIDS research and researchers outside the Ramada-Renaissance
 Hotel in Washington..
  "It was frightening," states Wayne Turner as he watched his lover, HIV
 positive AIDS activist Steve Michael and Hank Carde, a Washington man with
 end-stage AIDS surrounded by PETA members.  "I couldn't believe it,
 well-dressed men and women screaming at Gay men with AIDS.  All we were doing
 was focusing on the absolute and clear need for the use of animal models in
 our collective and urgent quest for a cure."
  Notes Wanda James, an African-American grandmother with AIDS who leads
 support groups for women at the HIV Community Coalition, "These people are
 supporting rats?  They must be crazy  What about the people dying?"  
  Michael notes, "I was sickened, yuppies with t-shirts stating opposition to
 vital AIDS research, wearing red ribbons.  Their hypocrisy is killing
 thousands of Americans and millions of people throughout the world.  PETA and
 their associated sub-groups and cells cannot put on the red-ribbon and use it
 as a shield to protect their terrorists attacks against valuable research
 around AIDS.  Red ribbons don't save lives, but AIDS research will.
  Cheryl Spector of ACT UP Washington stated that, "I'd rather see 50,000 rats
 die if it means we can help save the life of even one person with AIDS."
 Spector's brother, Stan died over a decade ago of an AIDS related
 complications.  She has witnessed over a hundred friends die and was
 personally insulted that people visiting here in Washington donned
 red-ribbons.  "You have to earn your red-ribbon."
  Michael adds, "Entertainment figures that support PETA are hurting people
 with HIV and AIDS.  Hollywood has-beens can't resurrect their fading careers
 over the graves of people with AIDS.   They have no clue what it is like to
 be surviving with an HIV and AIDS diagnosis, living on $119 in food stamps
 and in constant fear that the congress and president are going to cut
 Washington's AIDS funding once again.  Our message to them is simple.  Cash
 in some of their designer- fake fur coats and start ACTing UP for those of us
 with HIV and AIDS." 
  States ACT UP'er Hank Carde, a retired United States Navel Commander with
 three tours of combat duty in Vietnam, "(A)s someone who has participated in
 five clinical trials with experimental drugs,. all of them highly toxic, some
 of them painful, I think everyone whether human or animal are burgeoned to do
 whatever they can to accelerate finding cures for such serious diseases as
 AIDS and Breast Cancer."
  A coalition of AIDS service, research, and advocacy organizations including
 the National Association of People with AIDS, the American Foundation for
 AIDS Research, and the National Black Women's Health Project issued a
 consensus document maintaining their support of laboratory animals for
 life-saving medical research.
 ACT UP members with HIV and AIDS are available for on-camera and on
 the-air-interviews to debate and challenge animal extremists at 202.547.6780
 AIDS activists also available for Spanish Language interviews