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 It's New For Associations, Organizations, Clubs and Groups!
          It's New for Use on PC Windows Computers!
                   It's The New Generation of Association Software! 
          For PC Windows Computer Systems, your national non-profit organization provider of 
 "Grant Writing: A Hands-On Approach" grant writing software for MS-DOS, 
 Windows and Macintosh computers, takes exceptional pride in announcing 
 the release and immediate availability of the first, off-the-shelf, 
 factory-direct, Windows-based association software blending high-power 
 features with ease-of-use at a breakthrough low cost!  The "ASSOCIATION 
 INFORMATION MANAGER (AIM)" features member/prospect management, 
 simplified accounting, executive word processing, custom name badges, 
 labels, envelopes, event tracking, import/export, and much, much more.
 It's called "ASSOCIATION INFORMATION MANAGER (AIM)" and, unlike many of 
 our competitors who are out there pushing their high-priced evolutionary 
 products, "ASSOCIATION INFORMATION MANAGER (AIM)" is a revolutionary 
 product designed from the ground up using the latest software 
 development technology called Borland Delphi.
 You will be amazed at how easy it will be to:
 ˆManage your members, prospects and non-members;
 ˆProduce personalized letters and name badges;
 ˆQuickly select any group of people for reports;
 ˆGenerate dues bills with the click of a mouse;
 ˆAt-a-glance...view your accounts receivables;
 ˆImport and export data from "AIM";
 ˆWatch your events successfully unfold before your very eyes;
 and much, much more.
 To further meet your needs and those of your non-profit organization or 
 association, the ASSOCIATION INFORMATION MANAGER is sold as a modular 
 software package whereby you may purchase only the software components 
 you desire.  
 "ASSOCIATION INFORMATION MANAGER" is divided into three modules:
 ˆThe Core Module (required)
 ˆThe Events Tracking Module (and)
 ˆThe Import/Export Module.
 The Core Module is the heart of the ASSOCIATION INFORMATION MANAGER PC 
 Windows software program. This is where you will work with your members, 
 non-members, prospects, letters, labels, envelopes, dues billing, and 
 accounts receivables.  Our primary focus on this part of the system was 
 ease-of-use, intelligent data entry assistance, and at-a-glance view of 
 all critical member information.  Benefits to you are:
 ˆNotebook-style tabs to get where you want...quicker!
 ˆSimply enter only the person's zip code and the computer automatically 
 completes the City and State information for you. Fast and no typos!
 ˆPowerful user definable fields so you always have a place to store 
 vital information we may have missed, so you can even search and report 
 on them!
 ˆAmple space for member phone numbers, dates, and then some!
 ˆCutting-edge "filter" technology allowing you to query using the same 
 screens you normally work with.
 ˆOne mouse click access to member balance and complete billing and 
 payment history!
 ˆPrint roster reports, labels, envelopes, and yes, personalized letters 
 to everyone in your system or just the people that meet your filter with 
 your executive word processor! Presto!
 ˆPress F1 anywhere for instant answers to your questions via our 
 comprehensive help system!
 ˆAutomated generation of dues invoices whether you bill annually,